Apologies for the wait, after a lot of panic Hermione’s Edge Wear is back in the digital world and new items are being added all the time to the online shop.

Over thirty eight years experience of sewing and costume making which includes working at Perth Repertory Theatre, and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. My work has appeared in the bright lights of tribute bands and artists, in cabaret, locally and nationally. Although not skating as much as I would like now, as a child I only got to skate at weekends, it just was not an option for me, however I still love the sport. So when life threw me a giant curve ball, Hermione’s Edge Wear was the result. What I am about, well affordable skating and dance wear, with as many trimmings and bling as I can fit into your budget.

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Telephone: Scone 01738 550046 OR Email: rhoda@by-hermione.co.uk

All enquires for skating and dance or one off costumes and of course Alterations, Repairs, Gifts, and Cards.

Unusual times just now, however , looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks and regards, Happy Skating, and Dancing.

Hermione’s Edge Wear

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